Invited speakers

Karen Emmorey

 Professor, Speech Language
 Director, Laboratory for Language & Cognitive Neuroscience
 Executive Committee, Center for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience


Karen Emmorey focuses her research on revealing what sign languages can tell us about the nature of human cognition, language, and the brain. She also studies how deaf people process sign languages and how the processing is represented in the brain. Furthermore, she also investigates the nature of bimodal bilingualism and a variety of other topics related to sign languages.


Jerome Lewis

 Director of Cultures of Sustainability, UCL Environment Institute
 Co-director of Anthroscape 
 Co-director of the Extreme Citizen Science Research Grou



Jerome Lewis investigates hunter-gatherer and former hunter-gatherer societies, as well as child socialisation, play and religion in Mbendjele Pygmies. His research of the impact of globalisation on Pygmy populations has led him to develop a number of hardware and software tools to scientifically describe such problems as illegal logging and poaching so that ecosystem managers can better consider these factors. 

Adele Goldberg

Professor of Psychology,
Director of Goldberg Lab
Princeton University




In her research, Adele Goldberg focuses on the psychology of language, the relationship between form and function and its representation. Her interests also include language acquisition and language processing. She is the founder of Construction Grammar, one of the most influential trends in contemporary linguistic research.

Andrew Whiten

Professor Emeritus, 

School of Psychology and Neuroscience

University of St. Andrews

Andrew Whiten's research focuses primarily on social learning, traditions and culture. In order to explain these phenomena, he studies and compares human and non-human primates, especially chimpanzees. His studies include both large-scale surveys of behaviour in the wild and behavioural experiments with children and non-human primates.