Invited speakers

Karen Emmorey

San Diego State University

Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Director of Laboratory for Language & Cognitive Neuroscience
Center for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience

Karen Emmorey investigates what sign languages can tell us about the nature of human cognition, language and the brain. She studies how deaf people process sign languages and how this processing is represented in the brain. She is also interested in the nature of bimodal bilingualism and a variety of other topics related to sign languages and their neural implementation.

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Adele Goldberg

Princeton University

Professor of Psychology
Director of Goldberg Lab

In her research, Adele Goldberg focuses on the psychology of language, with a special emphasis on grammar and its representation. Her interests also include language acquisition and language processing. She is a leading proponent of the constructionist approach to language, one of the most influential trends in contemporary linguistic research.

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Jerome Lewis

University College London

Reader in Social Anthropology
Co-director of Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability
Co-Director of the Extreme Citizen Science Research Group

Jerome Lewis’ ethnographic research investigates hunter-gatherer and former hunter-gatherer societies, mainly in Central Africa. His focus is on cultural transmission through play, ritual, taboo, music and dance, and language in these assertively egalitarian societies.

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Andrew Whiten

University of St Andrews

Wardlaw Professor of Evolutionary and Developmental Psychology
Centre for Social Learning and Cognitive Evolution
School of Psychology and Neuroscience

Andrew Whiten's recent research focuses on cultural evolution. He studies the evolution of social learning, traditions and culture using a wide variety of approaches, including experimental studies comparing the cognition and behavior of human children, human adults and non-human primates, especially our closest living relatives, chimpanzees.

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