Torun & Venue


Picturesquely located on the banks of the Wisła river, Torun has a very strong reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. The Old Town dates back to as far as 1236. Most of the precious Torun’s monuments can be found in the Old Town. Its historic centre – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Poland – is one of the most beautiful and best preserved Gothic sites in Europe. The Medieval Town of Torun is divided into three parts, namely the Old City Market Square in the west, Torun New City Market Square in the east, and the Toruń Castle in the south-east. Torun boasts several Gothic churches, the Teutonic Castle, the Town Hall, watchtowers, gates, granaries, and countless town houses with the original Medieval wood beam ceilings and polychrome paintings.


The medieval old town of Torun is a birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. The Torun Centre for Astronomy has some of the largest optical and radio telescopes in Central/Eastern Europe. Impressive astronomical shows are presented in the Torun Planetarium which was established in 1994. It is divided into three rooms, each of which features a different unforgetable activity. The first room is a fulldome screening of an astronomical show, whereas the second and third rooms are devoted to interactive exhibitions: Orbitrarium, where space phenomena are explained, and Geodium which is fully dedicated to the Earth—its astronomical and environmental history.


Torun is world-famous for traditional gingerbread, still manufactured to a 500-year-old recipe. It is home to a number of interactive museums and science/art centers, such as the Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge (with a 33-metre-long Foucault Pendulum), Live Gingerbread Museum (hands-on 16th-century gingerbread factory), a Centre of Contemporary Art or The House of Legends of Toruń (a museum + theatre in one). Every summer, Torun hosts the innovative and unusual light installations during the Skyway Festival. Interestingly, to many Polish people their closest association with Torun is Radio Maryja, a socially conservative religious radio station with considerable political influence, run by a charismatic Redemptorist priest Tadeusz Rydzyk.




The venue of the conference is Hotel Filmar.

Hotel Filmar boasts good conference facilities with great acoustics. It is rated at 8.7/10 on
If you want to book your accommodation there, please contact Filmar directly, and identify yourself as an Evolang participant for a discounted rate.


Directions (see also Travel/accommodation, section "In Torun")

It takes a 15 minutes walk to get to the hotel from the Old Town. The directions are available on the map below.


However, if you travel straight from the Toruń Main Station, we recommend that you take a taxi because it is 3 km from the venue.